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..but I'm done with drawing Sonic for a while. 

I'm sure many of you can tell I've been drawing humans and my anthro characters mostly. 

I've just really hit the last straw.. 
If you are only here for Sonic fanart then you might get pretty bored.. but if you are here cause you just like my art in general than thank you. I need all the support I can get. 

This has really been giving me some stress.. 

Don't get me wrong! I love Sonic, and always will. How can I not? I still play his games like Sonic Adventure 2 Battle to this day. I'm actually thinking of buying Sonic Unleashed. 

But.. I need to explain why I've been stopping. 
Here are the reasons: 

:bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: 

1) Drawing Sonic for so many years has really screwed me over in art. Sure, while I may have been improving in my Sonic style in those years... I wasn't really improving on anything else. I've been trying to draw Humans more lately to practice on anatomy. Even my Anthro characters give me more practice cause I give them human like proportions, but drawing beany bodies with noodle arms? Doesn't really help.. I've been slow at improving since I've drawn Sonic for so many years. 

2) I'm pretty sure I don't use guide lines right because of Sonic.. I've found my self to give human characters pretty big heads cause I'm so use to doing guide lines how I did for Sonic characters. Sure, sure.. there is always finding a different way of doing guide lines that better suits realistic anatomy, but it's just hard for me to get use to doing different kind of guide lines since, once again, I've been drawing Sonic for so many years. I'm working on it. 

3) I feel like people only care about me for my Sonic art.. and that doesn't really feel the greatest when some of the pieces I'm more proud of is this recent art I've been doing of like.. Attack on Titan and Legend of Zelda. So.. that's another reason why I've stopped drawing Sonic art for a while cause I want to show what else I can do. 

This give me the moooost stress. Sure, my characters use to be Sonic fan characters.. but I took them out of that! They are now apart of their own original series full of anthro characters with human like structures. I mean.. surely they look different right?? I've been so self conscious about drawing them.. cause I'm always scared and thinking "Do my characters still look like Sonic characters??" "Do I not have my own style for them??" 
I understand the confusion.. kindaaaa. People have known me for Sonic art so when they see animal characters they probably think they are fan characters. But they're not. 
I've had said so many times they are their own thing.. their own story! 
I've had to SO many times tell people to take my Gizelle Series art out of their Sonic folders. 

5) (this reason is related to above reason) Because of this... I've been stressed and have even thought about making my characters humans.. cause some people keep thinking they are Sonic characters and not Original Characters. (That and many other personal reasons..) But I'm not turning them into humans.. for now.. I'm going to still keep at it. 

6) I just... want to be known for more fan art then just Sonic. I want to show people I draw other things and get supported but that's kinda hard when people only pay attention to you when you post Sonic art. That's the main time I get comments.. 

:bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: 

Know this though... this doesn't mean I'm going to stop drawing Sonic forever.. I might once in a blue moon post fanart of Sonic when I feel like it and not when I feel like I have to. 

:star: Though.. if you do want to still see my Sonic art, I will be putting them in scraps. (I've deleted half of them) :star:  
I'm sorry but.. I just really wanna focus on improving on other things. 
  • Mood: Suffering

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